There are a lot of things that I want to accomplish in my life, and if I’m going to get to all of them I need to start holding myself accountable. If any of you would like to join me on this journey, leave the address to your page in the comments below and I’ll link them into this post.

Let’s do this.


Start: June 17, 2015

End: March 11, 2018

Twelve items complete.

  1. Write a list of 101 things I’d like to complete. June 17, 2015
  2. Create a personal budgetJune 22, 2015
  3. Try something new.
  4. Buy a plant.
  5. Keep that plant alive for at least 6 months.
  6. Buy flowers at the farmers market.
  7. Visit my good friend Simple Beauty Queen  June 19-21, 2015
  8. Go wine tasting in Door County.
  9. Relive my favorite memories in Duluth, MN.
  10. Visit Nashville.
  11. Visiting Orange County, CA.
  12. Go to Disney World.
  13. Visit my friends from study abroad. September 11-12, 2015
  14. Visit my brother in Kansas.
  15. Climb a mountain. Preferably in Montana, but who knows.
  16. Travel somewhere random and new.
  17. Complete P30X without going off schedule.
  18. Finish the Fall 50 in Door County, WI. October 24, 2015
  19. Run another 10K.
  20. Go kayaking.
  21. Perfect crow pose (yoga).
  22. See noticeable improvement in my dancer’s pose (yoga).
  23. Do at least 60 push-ups a day for one month.
  24. Take a ballroom dancing class.
  25. Play a new sport.
  26. Coach a children’s sports team.
  27. Do something creative with all of my race bibs.
  28. Convince someone to write a song about me.
  29. Reread all 7 Harry Potter books.
  30. Reread all of Jane Austen’s novels.
  31. Read a book solely based on its cover.
  32. Read a book on personal finance or budgeting.
  33. Read a book on personal development or motivation.
  34. Go on a date.
  35. Make a new friend.
  36. Obtain a Colt’s helmet.
  37. Go to a Packer game. September and October 2015
  38. Discover a new-to-me Bible verse.
  39. Abstain form alcohol for two months.
  40. Drink only water for one week.
  41. Bake a homemade apple pie.
  42. Bake something new.
  43. Put all of my recipes into a cookbook.
  44. Actually bring a birthday/anniversary treat into work.
  45. Find at least 60K in cost savings during one fiscal year at work. FY15
  46. Earn a raise in FY15. Completed
  47. Earn a raise in FY16.
  48. Promotion by FY17.
  49. Be seen as an unofficial leader.
  50. Develop my personal brand.
  51. Make a professional connection with 5 coworkers.
  52. Make a personal connection with 5 coworkers.
  53. Find a way to bring some creativity to my job.
  54. Find a way to consistently incorporate speaking in Spanish at work.
  55. Spend 20 minutes a day journaling in Spanish for one week straight.
  56. Write one of my blog posts in English and Spanish.
  57. Take a Portuguese class.
  58. Learn how to play 1,000 Miles on the piano.
  59. Learn how to play one of the songs from Pride and Prejudice on the piano.
  60. Find a reason to wear my super cute pink dress that I bought at a boutique and cannot return (store policy).
  61. Paint a new painting for my wall.
  62. Finally hang up the mirrors that have been sitting on my floor for 7 months.
  63. Finally hang up my curtains that have been sitting on my floor for 7 months.
  64. Organize the clothes in my closet.
  65. Use an entire candle before buying a new one.
  66. Plan and execute a fun girls day for me and my younger cousins.
  67. Go on a girls trip with my friends from college.
  68. Reach 100 followers on my blog.
  69. Learn a new braid and wear it in public. November 16, 2015 
  70. See Brett Eldredge in concert (for the fourth time). Bonus points if he notices me.
  71. Write down at least one thing that happens every day for the next 2.75 yeas.  (162 of 1001)
  72. Write a screenplay or e-book.
  73. Buy a box fan to keep my room cool.
  74. Attend a musical.
  75. Watch a documentary.
  76. Watch the caves episode of Planet Earth.
  77. Watch an episode of Gossip Girl. November 2015
  78. Do something nice for someone just because.
  79. Donate to a good cause.
  80. Volunteer at Homework Club once a week for 2 months.
  81. Learn all of the kids’ names at Homework Club.
  82. Move to a duplex or a townhouse.
  83. Buy a couch.
  84. Create an office space in my apartment.
  85. Reconnect with my Spanish host family.
  86. Go one month without eating ice cream.
  87. Learn how to juggle in a circle pattern.
  88. Meet with a financial consultant.
  89. Only pay in cash for one week.
  90. Go one month without buying things I don’t absolutely need.
  91. Buy a pair of comfortable heels. September 2015
  92. Find out my IQ.
  93. Invest in the stock market.
  94. WASH YOUR CAR.   (June 21)
  95. Have enough saved to buy a new car if I would want/need to.
  96. Go to a Chick-fil-A.
  97. Send out personalized Valentines.
  98. Send 10 friends hand-written letters.
  99. Save enough money to buy myself a nice birthday present.
  100. Update my bedroom so it looks like it could be featured on HGTV.
  101. Take a chance.

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