Fox Trail: 6/7/15

I typically like to let my pictures speak for themselves, but pictures don’t always tell stories.


6/7/15. It was a warm, humid night. I had just finished my run and was doing a cool-down jog. Then it happened.

I heard a rustle in the trees above me. I felt the pain of something solid hitting me on top of my head. I swung my body around. There was no one there. I looked to the ground.

A squirrel rolled once and jumped to its feet. As I let out a bloodcurdling scream, I took off in a dead sprint in one direction as the squirrel scampered off in another.


Now that you’ve gotten your laughing out of the way, let’s recap: I was out for a run, a squirrel fell out of a tree, landed on my head, and I spent the next few days nurturing a mild concussion (or squirrelcussion, if you will).

At least it was a beautiful day!


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