Weekly Photo Challenge: One Love

Graffiti in Salamanca, Spain.


One Love


Weekly Photo Challenge: State of Mind

I took this photo while on fall break in Granada, Spain. We had just survived a torrential rain storm, navigated ourselves through the city without a map, and hiked to one of its highest points. To say that I was feeling invincible would be an understatement.


State of Mind

Segovia: 12/11/15

The first mention of the Alcázar in Segovia was in the twelfth century. Many years, a few fires, and some add-ons later, we have the castle that stands today. Fun fact: this was one of the inspirations for Cinderella’s castle.


Segovia: 12/9/15


This is a shot of the walls that guard the Alcázar in Segovia. Keeping following along to take a look inside.


Weekly Photo Challenge: Eye Spy


Segovia, Spain.

Eye Spy


Segovia: 12/2/15

The city of Segovia is located just north of Madrid in central Spain. I was fortunate enough to visit on a bright autumn day; it can get quite rainy in October.

Segovia houses a lot of history between the cathedral, Alcazar, and aqueducts alone. My next few posts will feature my time in Segovia- so stay tuned!


Spain: Tower

When I lived in Toledo I had the pleasure of walking past the cathedral everyday. The front of the cathedral is so grand that the tower gets lost, which is why I love this picture.  


Weekly Photo Challenge: Vivid

Plaza de Toros in Valencia, Spain.

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What You See: Granada

“It’s not what you look at the matters, it’s what you see.” –Henry David Thoreau

An abandoned hotel in Granada, Spain.

Granada, Spain

Granada, Spain


Weekly Photo Challenge: Enveloped 


Toledo, Spain

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